We want to make worship something that people can participate in easily. This affects the songs we choose, the order we put them in, the words on the screen, and the scriptures we choose.

We don’t want to put any barriers up or do anything that would distract. We believe what Jesus said in John 12:32- “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”Bay West Worship Team

“Before rehearsal and before services on Sunday mornings, our team spends time checking in with each other and praying for each other. This reminds us that we are not alone- not on the stage and not in our lives.

From this place of unity, we can point to God’s goodness in the service time and help the people gathered with us to recognize His power that is available to them as well.”

Worship services:

10:15 Pre-service meeting
11:00 Sunday mornings

Worship Team Bible Study, Prayer and Rehearsal

7:00 Thursdays nights


Bass, Acoustic, Rhythm, Lead


Lead (Male/Female), Harmony


Piano, keyboard


Trap set, alternate percussion

Other instruments
FOH sound operator

It’s the sound guy! 😉

Lyrics Operator

Runs propresenter to project the song lyrics, special elements, videos, and sermon notes in our Services.

Lights Operator

Our lights are run with Jands Vista software with a very friendly interface (basically point and click). Also handles our environmental projection.

Stage setup

We have some setup that needs to happen in our stage area before the service. If you can carry light to medium weight stage sets, you are fine here.

Worship Host

Our Worship Hosts welcome people from stage and close down the service at the end.

Stage setup and design

This team designs and builds stage setups for our services.

Music selection team

This team is always on the lookout to listen to new praise and worship music, with some directed guidelines to help our worship team stay current with the best music.

For the Band


Talk with Katye, come to rehearsal for an informal audition, and we’ll go from there.

For Worship Host, Stage Design

Talk with Jim and go from there.

For Media


Talk with Matt and go from there.

For the Music Selection Team

Talk with Katye and go from there.

Bay West Praise and Worship channel

Like the music we play before and after service? Want to take the music home with you? Try the Bay West Praise and Worship Channel on Slacker.