First Time being our guest in KIDzone?

That's GREAT!   We're glad to get to meet you.  KIDzone is a safe fun place for your children to learn about Jesus.  We want your children to enjoy learning about Jesus so much that they look forward to being with friends in KIDzone.

See our "First Time KIDzone Registration" form below to get the jump on checkin on Sunday mornings to make your first visit a breeze!

Our ministry purpose in the KIDzone ministry is to help children become disciples of Jesus. The way we do that begins on Sunday morning by creating an environment where the kids feel safe, welcomed and loved, all the while teaching them about God and His great love for them in a way that sticks and goes beyond just Sunday mornings.

As parents of kids ourselves, we know how hard it is to get kids up and moving every week. Our team's goal is to help you out by make learning about Jesus so fun, that your kids drag you back to church.

“Children are not just children, they are our future.


Your child will experience age appropriate curriculum, object lessons, crafts, games, songs, bible stories and small groups to build friendships amongst each other and their leaders every Sunday. KIDzone provides a way for parents and family to discuss what they learned with their children and dig deeper in God’s word to strengthen families through family discussions and bible study.

Our Staff

Our KIDzone staff is talented, caring and passionate about teaching kids about Jesus. They work diligently to create a safe, loving environment for each child.

Every KZ leader fills out an application and is put through a background check to make sure that when you place your child in the care of one of our staff, you can feel confident in the safety of your child.
Start children off on the right path.
And even when they are old, they will not turn away from it.
Proverbs 22:6 (NIRV)
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We seek to make KIDzone a rewarded experience for your children.

For safety, we checkin every child birth to 6th grade. If this is your first time at BW with kids, we have to get some information from you to get your children into our secure checkin system.

For your convenience, we offer the form below where you can fill this out on your computer in advance, and we will input your family’s info ahead of time, and you can quickly check in on Sunday.

After you’ve filled out the form, there’s some quick info to help your morning go smoothly.

First Sunday KIDzone registration

Fill out the form and we'll have your children registered in our system for quick checkin

Parents Information
One of the parents below must be one of the parents accompanying the children on Sunday.


What time should I get there?

About 10 minutes early is ideal.  When you enter the glass doors, immediately to your left will be our friendly KIDzone checkin staff to assist you.  They'll take it from there.  You are in good hands.

Where does my child go on Sunday morning?

Below are the different room areas and age requirements for each area for our kids on Sundays.

All children must be 0-3 years of age after August 13, 2017.

Once your child is checked in, you drop your child off down the first hall on the right to our loving Nursery Leaders.

All children must be at least 3 yrs of age on or before August 13, 2017, and potty trained.

***If your child isn’t potty trained, they will need to stay in the nursery until they are.

Once your child is checked in, you drop your child off down the first hall on the LEFT to our loving Nursery Leaders.

Child must be starting 1st grade at the beginning of this 2017 school year.

Elementary aged children start in service for worship with the adults, then are dismissed to their class clearly by our Worship Host in the service and led out by our KIDzone Leaders to our KIDzone area upstairs.

***You will still need to get tags printed and check your child in before the service, and present your pickup tag to pick them up.

Students going into 7th grade at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year will be a part of the Student Ministry, and are invited to take part in all of the Student Ministry activities, as well as the adult worship service on Sunday mornings.

Please remember that the Student Ministry meets Sunday nights at a 4-6pm upstairs at the church building.

Check out our student life group and leaders here.

How do I check my child out when the service is over?
  1.  Go to the room where you dropped your child off. 
    ***For elementary students, go upstairs.
  2. Show the pick up tag that you received when you checked your child in.
  3. Pick up your child.