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    “Enlightening and fun”
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    “Although I lead this group I feel I am surrounded by teachers…”Life Group Leader
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    “I ask a lot of questions and I never feel silly for asking.”Life Group Member
MINISTRY PURPOSE: Developing relationships with God through our relationships with each other to make disciples of Jesus.

While our leaders are knowledgeable and mature, there are no "experts," just people trying to get closer to Jesus. No question is too stupid, no topic is off-base. Our Life Groups are designed to create a closeness that allows people the freedom to address the real issues of life.

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Our groups study the Bible, pray for each other, and do life together. These are the people who pray for you, go to see you in the hospital, stand beside you through tough times and help you get closer to Jesus.

WHERE/WHEN: Our Life Groups meet in various homes (and at our worship gathering location) throughout the week. Check the map below for some of our LG locations and info. Just click on the icons to get directions and contact info.

For more info:

Email Jim at jimc@baywestchurch.com, for more information or just click the "Find a Group" button.