I'm interested in finding out more about Bay West Church, what do I do?

Of course, you can join a Life Group, join a Serve team, but the best way to find out about Bay West Church is to go to a Next Steps gathering.

We require this class for membership in Bay West Church for adults.
It is optional for students 7th grade and older.
It is not recommended for children 6th grade and under.
If you require childcare for your children 6th grade and under, notate that on the form below, and you will need to pack a lunch for your child or children that are in childcare.

When is the next gathering?

The Next gathering is on Sunday, December 3. Signup with the form below to secure your spot. We usually hold a Next Steps gathering the first Sunday of every month throughout the year.

How to I sign up to be a part?

Because we provide food for the gathering, we do require that you RSVP to be a part of Next Steps. To find out about the next "Next Steps" class, fill out the online form below.
We'll contact you back, sign you up for the class, and send you a reminder close to time.

Take the Next Step now

I’m all in! How do I become a member of Bay West Church?

Some people say “Be a Christian”, but in our culture, sometimes, people just say they are, but this is more descriptive of what this means… committing your life to Jesus’ purposes. Taking what you would do and exchanging that for what Jesus would have you do.
Click this link to see more.
The reason we say “believer’s baptism” is because that’s what you see in the New Testament when people were baptized. Someone believed in Jesus (committed their life to follow Him) and they were fully immersed in water as an the outward public symbol of the start of that journey in someone’s life. There’s nothing magical about the water, it’s a symbol of what Jesus has already done in someone’s heart.
If you want to know more about baptism, click here for our FAQs about baptism.
We have an orientation class that meets every few weeks, that is designed to help you know what being a member of a church is all about. We learn some of the basic beliefs of our church, how we do things, and why we do things.

We learn what we expect of members and you can expect from your fellow members. (And we have food. lol)

At the end of the Next Steps gathering, you can decide if you want to join and then just let the Next Steps leader know you want to join.
We’ll schedule an upcoming worship service with you (usually the next Sunday), and we’ll present you to everyone, and we’ll give you a book. Everyone will cheer you because you are awesome and you are a member of Bay West Church!