Summer Man Movies

Come be a man among men at the Summer Man Movies of Bay West at Carmike Cinemas!

Invite your brothers, father, that neighbor-guy you never have time to talk to, and all of your guy friends for a great time watching manly movies.

Everyone buys their own ticket and snacks (with no judgement on how many popcorn refills, boxes of candy, or times you hit up the coke freestyle machine—or what weird flavor combinations you’re into).

We’ll watch things get blown up, people get beat up, and eat what we want while hanging out guy-style. The list of movies and dates is below. Check back weekly for movie times. We usually try to pick the (cheapest) digital option movie, instead of the expensive, migraine-inducing 3D ( you know, for those much, much older dudes). You can also check movie times and invite other guys through our Facebook page,

June 11       The Mummy

June 25      Transformers: The Last Knight – 5:15 PM Buy advance tickets online here:

July 9         Spiderman: Homecoming

July 16       War for the Planet of the Apes

July 23       Dunkirk

August 6    The Dark Tower

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