One on One with God

Our mission is to make disciples here and everywhere for the glory of God.  Pastor Jim's vision for that is an entire church that is capable and actively teaching friends and others how to follow Christ.

Every person can make disciples and if you would like to be trained to make disciples and get on mission to change the world one life at a time.

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About One on One with God

Jerry and Marilyn Fine, authors of the book One on One with God and Making Decisions, live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and have been making personally living the mission of making disciples for almost 50 years.

In the mid 80s, when the schedule of discipling men and women began to grow, God led Jerry and Marilyn to sell their business, so they could focus more time on personally making disciples.

In the years that followed, they have personally discipled thousands of people and have led them to be disciplemakers.  They have travelled to many countries and through God's power, have been used to start many disciplemaking movements across the world.

One on One with God is currently being used in 62 countries (that we know about) and is translated into 21 languages, the latest of which is Portuguese.

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