Pray for our KENYA team

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In December 2016, missionaries of SIM Sudan spent Christmas underneath their kitchen tables or furniture, trying to keep safe from the gunfire of warring factions outside of their homes and the homes of their friends. They came to Kenya to bring the Gospel, but in the wartorn country of South Sudan, where violence is common, just sharing the good news is not nearly the entire battle.

In January 2018, members of the Bay West Church worship team and members of FBC Melbourne will be travelling to Kenya to minister to some missionaries who are on the field in the South Sudan.

They will be leading the missionaries in worship, teaching them and their children, and allowing them the ability to have their needs met for a change. The hope is to recharge and revitalize them, for a short time, to help them be ready to meet the challenges of the year ahead.

Hear below as Caleb and Michelle Klay, share what this trip means to the people on the field, risking their lives to share the Gospel in a difficult and dangerous place.

Please be in prayer for the team from Bay West Church and our sister church, First Baptist Church of Melbourne, as they strive to help spread light in a dark place.