Thanks for your interest in our Worship Leader position at Bay West Church.

Please take a moment to
1) Read the Job Description
2) Fill out the application in its entirety.  Thanks very much.

Job Description

It is an exciting time to be a part of Bay West Church! We are looking for the right, energetic leader to join the mission to make disciples for Jesus in Palm Bay, Florida and beyond.

What type of candidate are we looking for:
This best fit for the position will lead our worship team to help our congregation express themselves in musical worship on Sundays and participate in the planning of our services.

The ideal candidate will come to Bay West Church to invest their lives (and the lives of their family) as a part of the Bay West Church family. This position is also for someone who is willing to own this ministry and work to see it move forward.

Skills to have:
- A vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus Christ
- Faithful commitment to the vision, mission and leadership standards of Bay West Church
- Exceptional vocalist who's voice works with the music of Hillsong, Elevation, etc...
- Ability to lead our
congregation to worship Christ.

Time commitment: 8-10 hours/week approx.
- Pick songs that work with our worship services.
- Participate in the team planning and scheduling musicians
- Conduct rehearsals to prepare for Sundays
- Other duties as assigned

Job Application