Overcomer begins Easter Sunday!

Topics discussed:

April 1st Easter - Overcoming through the Resurrection
What does someone rising from the dead have to do with me right here, in my issues to overcome?

April 8 - Overcoming the Curse of Comparing
Comparing is the favorite pasttime in America through social media, television...is my life good enough?

April 15 - Overcoming the Comfort of Apathy
With my schedule, I don't have the energy to care...but can I afford to stay trapped there?

April 22 - Overcoming the Lies of Labelling
Everyone sees the temptation to group people into organized groups to save time and energy processing and responding...but does it really?

April 29 - Overcoming the Face of Fear
Terrorists, riots, job changes, new environments, school shootings, unstable world governments...there's a lot to be afraid of...or is there?

Message series starting on Easter!

Are you feeling like a failure?
Marriage or other relationships falling apart?
Struggling with addiction?
Facing foreclosure?

There is an answer...there is hope, no matter WHAT condition or situation that you are in. 
The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to overcome every challenge you’re facing.
On Easter Sunday, April 1st, we’ll be starting a new sermon series on how to be an Overcomer.

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