Out of Control begins Sunday, February 11!

Topics discussed:

Feb 11 - The Myth of Control
Can we ever have it?  How do we achieve it?

Feb 18 - Out of Control Finances
Bills, bills, bills!  Where is all the money supposed to come from?  God provides, but how?

Feb 25 - Out of Control Marriage
Fights, decisions, expectations can all cause a marriage to spiral out of control.  How do we find US in all the mess or is that who we really are looking for?

March 4 - Out of Control Parenting
Dude/Dudette...do I really need to illustrate this one?

March 11 - Out of Control Emotions
When the world closes in...the job is on the chopping block...the health test shows concern...how do you cope with it and keep your head above water?  God has a timeless principles that keep you even keeled in the time of trouble.

Everywhere you look, it seems like there is something that is out of control. Whether its our finances, our kids, the government or our emotions, control is an issue. Still, do we really have control?  One moment that we never see coming can change everything in our lives, and when you think about it, control really is a myth...or is it?

Over the course of this series, we'll take a look at what God says about the subject of control in several areas of our lives. We'll deal with some practical Biblical advice based on timeless principles from God's Word.

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