Image  As we move through life, we can lose focus and get away from the path that we started on.  There are always times that we need to stop, focus and recalibrate our controls back to a balanced center.

It's always wise to stop, reassess and get your center back, because the longer you ride off kilter, the quicker it can put you in the ditch.

Over the next 6 weeks, we'll be recalibrating 6 crucial areas in each person's life, helping to bring us back to optimal life performance.

Imagine being able to handle anything...
Solve the riddle...
Know your purpose...

It's time to RECALIBRATE.

Topics discussed:

September 16 - Dial in Direction
Where does the direction come from? 

September 23 - The "L" Word
What drives the action?

September 30 - The Gathering
When you pull together, strength is found.

October 7 - Relational focus
Where our community is found is the key to our purpose.

October 14 - Input/Output/Throughput
This key metric can revolutionize every moment.

October 21 - Projection
What you project is what you prioritize.

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