Have you ever been hit with a life situation that's hard and difficult, and you wonder if you're really going to make it this time?

Has there ever been a time where you have wanted to trust God for something that you knew He was calling you to do, but you just couldn't bring yourself to take the next step?

Maybe you've come to a crisis in your belief structure, and you're right now, deciding if you are going to chuck it all.

I hear you.  Many of us have been right in their shoes and we can still taste the struggle.  I still have periods of doubt and soul-wrenching heartache that can threaten to overwhelm my heart...but what if there was a way around all of that?

What if there was a strength and a power to maintain that you've yet to grab?  There's always that person who seems to always handle the struggles of life...what if that was you?

What if, you too, could move face life with Incredible Faith?

Topics discussed:

August 12 - Unthinkable Faith
Has your understanding of God been rocked?  How do you withstand it?  

August 19 - Futile Faith
Is there ever a time that faith is worthless or meaningless?

August 26 - Saving Faith
Is there really a faith that can change the course of our existence and save us right where we stand, no matter how hopeless it feels?

September 2 - Faith for the Future
What about tomorrow?  How can I live worry-free, when the future is so unknown?

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